Here you can find some of the photo’s that I took on my (birding) trips that were made during the recent years.

Nepal 2024

In February 2024 I joined a friend who was traveling the world for 12 days on his journey in Nepal. Toghether with some other friends. We visited Kathmandu valley, the Chitwan area and Koshi Tappu in the east of the country. Nepal was a very nice country to visit, with encredible nature and wildlife.

Canada 2023

One of the destinations that always came back when we were thinking about a new bird trip was Point Pelee in Canada. A famous migration hotspot for birds in spring. We visited Point Pelee, Long Point, Rondeau, Algonquin and Carden Alvar from 18-28 May 2023. 

Colombia 2022

After being bound home during the Covid-19 pandemic we could finally travel again. We visited the relative “covid safe” Colombia from 11-24 March 2022. For me a first meeting with the birds, butterflies, mammels and nature of South America.

Ghana 2020

From 12-19 March we traveled to Ghana. Unfortunately we had to finish this trip earlier than planned due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the fact that airlines stopped flying. Nevertheless we had a good time here and saw some good birds and butterflies. 

Oman 2019

We visited Oman from 9-16 November 2019. We started near Muscat (the capital) and traveled in 7 days to Salalah in the South, where we took a flight back to Muscat (and then to Amsterdam).

Kenya 2018

The beautiful Kenya was visited from 9-17 November 2018. Besides birding we also liked to see the African Wildlife.


Namibia 2018

Namibia was visited from 18 June until 3 Juli 2018. We traveled from the capital Windhoek to Swakopmund on the westcoast, then to Etosha Nationalpark and Waterberg back to Windhoek.

Gambia 2017

My first visit to a real African country and my first introduction to the African bird families. The Gambia was visited from 10-18 February 2017.